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miss kaytastic
29 August 2009 @ 01:32 am
So I'm very sad today. A little back history for this entry.

Last night, our sheltie Benny seemed to be having some trouble getting around. Which isn't all that unusual. He's almost nine years old, so definitely getting up there in the age category, but this was so unexpected. I really hadn't forseen it coming, although part of me kicks myself for not.

Yesterday, the dog seemed had no balance and couldn't walk in a straight line, so my mom and my sister took him to our town vet. Who looked at him, prescribed some pills for inflammation and set us on our way. However tonight, Benny seemed to be much worse. By the time eight o'clock rolled around, he could barely stand, wasn't eating or drinking at all. When he started throwing up and loosing control of his body functions, we rushed him up to the bet in Calgary although by this point it was pretty obvious that we were losing him.

Safe to say, he didn't make it.

So now I dunno what to do. We're down a dog, which might not seem like a big deal but our animals are a big part of the family with us. We just lost someone very close and it hurts. Very much so.

I'm probably gonna call into work in the morning and say I won't be in because of this.

God... it hurts.


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miss kaytastic
12 January 2009 @ 11:13 pm
That's how long until I'm LEGAL everywhere. Except in the countries where drinking isn't allowed of course.
Must admit I'm still not sure what I'm gonna go do. I'm thinking maybe dinner and movie. Though I haven't a clue what movie.
Anyone seen the new Tom Cruise movie? Any good?

Works been a drag. No action. Little Pay.
But I've decided that I'm gonna work on math 20 for a little longer and then save up for my car and a few other goals I've been procrastinating on and take math 30 in the fall of '09. I don't care what everyone else thinks. That's when I want to do it, and that's the end of story.

But my News Year resolution was basically to set acheivable goals, and then succeede in acheiving them.
Driver's Liscence, here i come!
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miss kaytastic
29 September 2008 @ 08:51 pm

Okies folks, comment to be added just like Miss. Benton has asked of you.